[openwrt-22.03.2-x86-64] hostapd which is newly installed doesn't work before reboot

I used the release image and kernel binary, and then install hostapd via opkg in the first boot.
But it doesn't work and I cannot see hostapd in ubus list.

After reboot, it works, and there is hostapd in ubus list.

But, it doesn't happen in openwrt 21.02. Is it WAI? and does it happen only in x86 image?

> opkg install hostapd
> ubus list
ubus list doesn't show hostapd
> reboot
> ubus list
ubus list show hostapd

Reboots are advised after installs such as this. Is there an issue?

I used OpenWrt for the automated test in CI. It makes the test cycle slower than before..

I was curious if it is WAI or a bug because it works in 21.02.