OpenWrt 21.02.x ath79 tiny LuCI

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Several considerations led me to the decision to rewrite the LuCI runtime:

  • Storage footprint - since 22.03 now ships with two scripting languages (Lua and ucode) by default I wanted to eliminate the use of Lua in the default images at least to gain back some previously lost space. In early tests here the complete removal of Lua and related libraries saved about 120KB on the x86/64 rootfs after gzip compression.

Do you think it would be possible to successfully build 22.03 OpenWrt version for tiny targets.

While it may be possible by removing some functional core parts, I don't think it's worth the time. The 4MB flash size problem only happens on old and cheap devices. Those are slowly becoming extinct, that means any time effort put into this by a professional will be more and more useless.

I keep trying to build 21.02.5 for MR3020v1 but keep running into make failing or wifi not working or packages missing. Something keeps breaking.

@Ashus In addition to what you have here I need relayd and luci-proto-relay . I am looking to primarily use the MR3020 as a wireless to ethernet adapter/bridge for a device with an ethernet port but without wifi.

I tried copying your config then did make menuconfig . I added relayd and luci-proto-relay packages and did make -j $(nproc) kernel_menuconfig CONFIG_TARGET=ath79 followed by make -j $(nproc) download clean world . After that I used the factory.bin to sysupgrade but there is no bridge interface option in LuCi. So, something failed with my build.

Your config has been of great help so far but I need relayd, and ideally LuCi control for it.

Would you please create a basic .config that includes relayd and luci-proto-relay? If something has to be removed to get relayd and luci-proto-relay then that's ok; less kernel debugging, or no IPv6 support, etc.

I recommend trying 19.07.10 build with my config as starting point. You could try to remove IPv6 support and WatchCat and maybe relayd could fit in.

Thanks. Made a 19.07.10 factory.bin with the tweaks in your config. 19 is certainly faster than 21. I'll probably stay on 19 for now.

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Folks here might be interested in my ramdisk extroot implementation for 4/32 devices 22.03.3 tiny official(!) imagebuilder configuration for 4/32MB devices (ath79, TL-WA860RE v1 etc.), using ramdisk extroot

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Thank you so much for this build.
You are the only one who cares about ath79-based systems.
You gave my router another chance.


I gave up on 4/32. Quality ax AP-s can now be purchased for 25 €... wrestling with 4/32 is just not worth the effort anymore.