OpenWrt 21.02: Any fixes/updates for ath10k?

I am using a Netgear R6100 with OpenWRT 19.07.xx with no serious problems over the years with one glaring exception: When I updated from 19.07.5 to 19.07.7, I lost my 5G WiFi within minutes or hours. From looking at the logs, the ath10k had crashed. No amount of restarting or manipulating WiFi 5G settings (changing SSID, etc) did help.
So I did change back to 19.07.5, which works very fine, 5G WiFi stable over weeks and month. I am not really knowledgeable about the depths of WiFi, and the number of ath10k problems I found by web search was too daunting to even file a problem report lest it might be near useless.
With the upcoming new stable release 21.02, I would like to know if there were or are changes, improvements or bug fixes for ath10k ? I would like to upgrade, since using up-to-date firmware was my main reason to dump the Netgear's vendor ware.


Replying to myself:
I have now also tested 19.07.8 on my Netgear R6100 hardware, with the same negative results: 5GHz works maybe for a few minutes, then the ieee80211 hardware is reset by the kernel, which lets to the next loops of a few minutes of operation, then break down. At some time it seems that these kernel-triggered hardware resets do stop, from there on a complete hardware off/on is needed to make 5GHz workable for a few minutes again.
I also noticed that the last version of OpenWrt is 19.07.8 for this rather old hardware, and I decided to scrap the R6100 and buy a new Linksys WRT3200ACM instead. So case closed, as they say...

If you have wifi problems, buying WRT3200ACM will likely not decrease them. ;-(

WPA3 and 802.11w are still broken, I think.

Hi hnyman,
Yes, as I have found out... see my post OpenWRT 21.02.1: WPA3 Support not working?. Fortunately with the mentioned reddit-hack I was able to make WLAN working on 5GHz and 2.4GHz using WPA2. It has been stable for the last 16h :wink: and as James wrote in a replay to my post, help in the form of OpenWrt 21.02.2 may be within reach.

Note that the referenced fix is already in master and 21.02 snapshot builds, also in my own WRT3200ACM builds, and yes it helps against frequent disconnections with WRT3200ACM, but it has not impact to the WPA3 / 802.11w problems.

Yeah, but this secondary to me. WPA2 is fine for me at home.

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