OpenWrt 21.02.2 Second service release

All ok on Xiaomi 4C and ea8500, thanks

I already commented into the bug report, that the log makes me to think that for some season hostapd triggers a null pointer error in the mt76 WiFi driver. 21.02.2 contains mt76 from December, so it might be something that has already been fixed in master snapshots.

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Might be related to

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I also commented there. Master is ok. The issue is only with 21.02.2.

Perhpas it’s some incompatibility of mt76 with kernel 5.4, since master (for mt7621) switched to kernel 5.10 in December.

Anyway I will try the hard factory reset to see if it makes any difference.

Master is ok. The issue is only with 21.02.2.

mt76driver in master has been updated in Feb 2022, while 21.02 still has the Dec 2021 version of mt76.

I've found the root cause.

It's not the driver. It's a regression of an issue in the build configuration.

The 21.02.2 stable build is including the package kmod-mt7663-firmware-sta and as @nbd explained in another discussion here, it should NOT be included in the builds.

The workaround for now is after installing 21.02.2 stable and before enabling the 5Ghz radio, manually remove package kmod-mt7663-firmware-sta and reboot.

After this the 5Ghz radio can be successfully configured and enabled.


Sounds like this commit should be backported from master to 21.02 by @nbd or @hauke or somebody


Thank you for your great work! I managed to upgrade from 21.02.1 to 21.02.2 on a TP-Link Archer C50 v1, and it went well, with no problems so far.

Thank you very much. Now, 5ghz radio works flawlessly. Any news on DFS support yet?

I have the E5600 and can confirm this. This is not a problem with today’s snapshot without luci

Yes, it works on snapshots. I have been using the 02/28/2022 snapshot. 5 GHz WiFi seems to work a lot better now on the snapshots, almost like it did on stock firmware. However, beam forming and MU-MIMO support is still absent on OpenWrt.

There is a workaround to get 5 GHz WiFi working on the 21.02.2 release, which was shared a few posts above by @dsouza. You can try that on Linksys E5600 and see if it works. You may need to reset the router if it does not work though.

However, the 21.02.2 release has an older WiFi driver from December 2021 for these devices, on which 5 GHz WiFi performance suffers greatly. Latest snapshots have the updated WiFi driver.

TP-LINK TD-W8970, succesfully sysupgraded from 21.02.1 (custom image with imagebuilder) to 21.02.2 (custom image)... thanks.

I just backported the commit that fixes the bootloop on Archer A6/C6 v3 to 21.02. I also backported adding support to Archer C6 v3 to 21.02.

However these changes are only in my fork for now. I will try a pull request to make it into the 21.02 branch so they could be included in the next stable build 21.02.3.

However this is going to be my first pull request, so if any dev or anyone with experience on this please let me know.


It would be preferred to


Got it. It is my primary router and I was on stock because of this. I am only using it for basic web browsing right now. If I try it on the weekend and if it works I will report back.

Just installed 21.02.2 on my wrt3200acm. Works well as long as you only have one wifi network on the 5 ghz radio. You can create more than one on the 2.4 ghz radio(I have two).

See issue as to resolution.


is missing.

That’s only available in master snapshots, not 21.02.

I get below error. I use newifi3.


RPC call to luci/getLocaltime failed with error -32002: Access denied at ClassConstructor.handleCallReply (

How to fix it ? Thanks