OpenWrt 21.02.0 first release candidate

I agree that quick setup would be a huge improvement for new users. It would really make OpenWrt accessible to a lot more people. I could also recommend it to friends, help them get started, but not be on the hook for all the configuration. Maybe there is a fear of making OpenWrt TOO accessible and non-technical users getting in over their heads?

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Gargoyle is based on 18.06, doesn't support nearly as many routers as OpenWrt, and doesn't seem to be actively developed. I do not consider this a great alternative.

Would love to find out more about the setup wizard package you mentioned.

I use it too ... and yes, it is a great alternative, if you are lucky enough to have your router on the list. It is quite stable. I guess the list is small because @lantis1008 needs to earn some money doing custom developments, very legitimate. Great job @lantis1008.

Perhaps this one?
Simplified LuCI interface project


With the focus on security in this release (WPA3 and luci/https), could having dnssec enabled be default be considered?
I believe the switch from the dnsmasq package to the dnsmaq-full one wouldn't be prohibitive in terms of additional space used.

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I just installed the luci-mod-dashboard module in OpenWrt 21.02.0 rc1, and it works but it is only a static interface, nothing can be changed, I would need to be able to install the luci-mod-quick-setup and luci-mod-configuration modules , but they are not available from system> software.

Quick setup ease of configuration would allow for wider distribution of a secure and regularly updated router, much better than garbage and outdated oem fw laced with security holes...

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So i have a spare tp-link tl-wdr3600 v1 around using the ath79 target but whats holding me back is when tired WPA3 with 19.07.1 just didn't work or refused to bring the wifi up

Also anyone using the WAN interface for PPPoE for VDSL2

I built for MT7620 device using 21.02 branch after tagging

in LuCI Network --> Switch page the VLANs dont look right
there is only 1 row for VLAN id 1

I wonder: What's the state of multi-AP WIFI with 21.02?

Is roaming via 802.11r Fast BSS Transition working in combination with WPA3? AFAIK 802.11w Protected Management Frames as well as SAE encryption required by WPA3 prohibited roaming via 802.11r in 19.07.

Since WPA3 is going to be the new default in 21.02, I hope that this will just work. It would be a shame if not. When it comes to multi-AP setups this should be/become the de-facto standard: fast roaming with proper security. It would be sad to still have to choose between roaming and security with the 2021 version.

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Yes, I am. Working without problems, same functionality as snapshots from mid last year. I VLAN tag on the modem, though, so I don't have to do so on the router itself.

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That simplified Luci looks really nice! I hope it is officially available soon. I'd recommend it be the default with a simple switch to turn it off, but I have no say in the matter of course :slight_smile:

Not noted is there is also support for 802.11ax (Wifi6) although its undocumented and not much hardware supports it, but it does work. (Use HE80 instead of VHT80, if your hardware supports wifi6)

But what is disappointing is for mt7621 targets the wired networking is basically broken. RX on wan is about half what i was getting on 19.07 across the board. And i also experience random crashes of the wan interface which takes out the whole wan link for about 20 seconds. Its really easy to generate the wan crash if you do an iperf3 test across it from a wlan device. So it seems load related, but i have had it happen at other times, just randomly and unpredictably. Tested on multiple MT7621 targets and they all have the same behavior so its chipset specific. So, for me at least, this renders 21.02-RC1 unusable. 19.07 is significantly faster and most importantly doesn't crash the wan interface at random intervals.

Unfortunately, USB no longer works with GL-INET 6416 V 21.02.0-rc1 (ATH79).
lsusb delivers: unable to initialize libusb: -99

Image generated with:
make image PROFILE=glinet_6416 PACKAGES=”luci luci-proto-relay kmod-input-polldev kmod-usb-storage kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-usb-hid block-mount e2fsprogs fdisk swap-utils tar luci-theme-material kmod-fs-cifs kmod-nls-base usbutils”

Same configuration works with V 19.07.xx

Coming from 21.02-SNAPSHOT to 21.02.0 rc1 on a Raspberry Pi 4B v1.2 whitout any (new) issues.

I use imagebuilder and add all needed packages en config files to the image. So it works as I want after a reset or back to factory.

Not working;
-Setting timezone through the Luci interface. (works with uci)
See Local time in 21.02 not correct in luci interface - #4 by braian87b

Looking forward to the stable version.

Do you have a step-by-step description of how to reproduce this bug? Because I am using two different mt7621 devices on RC1 and neither lost the WAN connection a single time. Rock solid stable. Both are very heavily used (about 0.5 Terabyte uploaded and downloaded on the WAN interface). One is on a 500/500 connection, and the other is on a 100/100 connection. Both have been rock solid so far.

Edit: I slightly exaggerated, but it's still quite a bit of WAN traffic for how short RC1 has been running. And as already mentioned before, zero crashes during that time. @strontium


Screenshot from 2021-05-02 10-25-48

Hi there,
For TP-Link TL-WR810N v1.1 the USB power is not switched on. Snapshot works though. The USB root is recognized, but the port does not provide power. There is a fix, is it part of this RC?

Best regards,

Great work and thanks! For the NanoPi R2S, the "architecture" is not shown in Luci, whereas this was some time ago on a snapshot:

I backported the USB power fix for the TP-Link TL-WR810N v1.1:
This should be fixed in the next release candidate.


5 GHz wireless with RT5592 PCIe chip is broken on master and 21.02