OpenWrt 2.4gHz power

HI i thought it was just the router i was using, the problem is the power output (RF) is a quarter if not less then the router can give compared to the original firmware.
OK the details i flashed three Afoundry AF-EW1200 routers first with openwrt-21.02.0-ramips-mt7621-afoundry_ew1200-squashfs-sysupgrade all three gave the same result so i flashed one with openwrt-18.06.2-ramips-mt7621-ew1200-squashfs-sysupgrade because i couldn't find an older one, same result so i decided just an unlucky router to use, hunted in the loft and found a ZBT WE1826 found the firmware openwrt-21.02.0-ramips-mt7620-zbtlink_zbt-we826-16m-squashfs-sysupgrade flashed that and it suffered the same problem 5.8gHz fine on both routers but 2.4gHz really low power.
just a further note i have tried different countries and power setting makes no difference, i noticed the new
OpenWrt release openwrt-21.02.1 tried that again on the Afoundry AF-EW1200 still the same.
My question is has anyone else come across this or is there a trick I'm missing.


It's usual thing with 76xx. And for 5 ghz too from my experience. The only way that I've found is make own build with proprietary mediatek WiFi drivers.

Hi thanks for the reply I'm glad its not just me, i don't think I'm technical enough to make my own drivers but i understand where your coming from.

See the hardware data for this device.

2.4 Ghz is known to be unstable...

Hello yes i realise that, i had one occasion when the the 2.4 Ghz interface just disappeared when configuring it and had to reboot, but have been running the router for months with no problem only the power very noticeably down.

So, not sure why you created a thread about the known unstable 2.4 Ghz...being unstable.

Because it is very rarely causes a problem, and that has nothing to do with RF power out put, that’s why I raised the issue, but Openwrt were of cause correct to point it out, on saying that the original stock firmware there is no issue

Please tell us more, or even better, point to a repo.

Been banging my head for months with a 7621, 7612e/7603e box, and am perfectly willing to try anything at this point.

I has taken the code here:

And you can find some useful info at the end of this (already closed) topic: Mt76 driver - replacement [for test] - #170 by Azexios

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Does this help to increase the power output of the 2.5Ghz, thanks

Definitely. I made 21.02.1 builds with MTK proprietary drivers for 3 devices with mt7603 2.4:
Xiaomi redmi ac2100
D-Team Newifi 3
Beeline SmartBox Turbo+

I got very good results for all devices.

Sorry I'm quite a novice at this how are the drivers added, my expertise is hardware and fault-finding software and ssh is something i find hard to get my mind round

Hi have you worked out what to download