Openwrt 19.7 on orange pi zero

hi guys i'm getting closer to this world of openwrt ..
I decided to install openwrt 19.7 on orange pi zero h2 + but I immediately noticed that it does not support wlan ..
why ??
you have to wait for a new firmware ..
I could somehow fix it I want version 19.07

It's safe to assume that the Allwinner XR819 WLAN chipset will never be supported, the vendor driver is ...not good and written in utter disregard of kernel standards. I don't see this going forward.

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thanks in fact it is strange that openwrt leaves a war without working ..

I'm not sure what you're hinting at, but any blame goes to the manufacturer here; not to OpenWrt. So if you'd like to vent, do talk to them, in case they claim OpenWrt support and whatnot.

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