OpenWrt 19.07.x ath79 tiny LuCI

It seems stable. Any reason for these builds not being in the official build?

I really don't know. Maybe they are missing some features promised for all official builds? From my point of view LuCI with webserver should have maximum priority over anything else (ppp support).

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@Ashus, I added a note to TL-WR841 device page about this forum thread. It might help someone willing to test an unofficial beta version. Are you ok with this? Should I also add a note to the remaining models?

Yes, sure you can do that. I just don't think the description is accurate. It is not a beta IMO, but a tagged release custom compiled with LuCI. Beta could imply it's based on a daily snapshot.

FYI - I have changed beta to community build.

Thanks, @tmomas.

Just made an account to say this:
"Thank you Ashus, this build helped me a lot"


I'm using WR841N v8 for some weeks now. It's working fine here. The file you mentioned is not the correct one. Use the link on the very first post of this thread (ashus_net). You must use the openwrt-ath79-tiny-tplink_tl-wr841-v8-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin file.

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Please take TL-this as a reminder that this topic is intended for questions specific to this community build only.

For questions regarding official release / snapshot builds, please use the other available forum categories. Please use the forum search before starting a new topic.

@a0000100s Regarding your question: it is to be expected that an initramfs doesn't keep settings over a reboot. It resides in RAM, which will be erased at reboot.

TL-WR841N v8 is a 4/32 device and is not recommended for futher use with OpenWrt due to it's limitations in available flash and RAM space.

If you want to use this device with OpenWrt, please stick to 17.01.7, or this 19.07 community build.

If you do not want to use 17.01.7 or this community build, please see what you can do now.

No, there is no other way to support these underpowered 4/32 devices.

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@tmomas, could you please guide us on how to make these build settings (by @Ashus) into the official build? It seems that the only limitation here is the choice of which packets are included in the build. We are not sure if there is an official guide on which packets are compulsory.

For me, these old 4/32 are perfectly fit for home networks. I have three of these interconnected, using VLAN to interconnect guest wi-fi networks throughout my home. By setting transmit power to low and spreading them around, I managed to have an excellent wi-fi coverage. All this on a budge, since they are all inexpensive, second hand bought. This was only possible because of OpenWrt. The only limitation is the 100Mbps ports, which is not an issue for most people.

By making these devices into the 19.07 official build, we can help a lot of people.


This will not happen. 19.07 is the last release for 4/32 devices.
If you want to use 4/32 devices in the future with OpenWrt, you are either dependent on community builds, or you need to build your own image.

Please team up with a lot of people and maintain your own OpenWrt build for 4/32 devices for the next 10 years.

Sorry that I can not give you a better answer. The 4/32 issue has been discussed for 2 years, and decision has been taken that 19.07 will be the last release for them; no way back.

I'm confused. I am aware that 19.07 is the last release for 4/32 devices. I've read the reasons for this decision. And that's exactly what we intend to do: give these 4/32 devices official support on 19.07, not after. We do know that they work with 19.07. We just want to make it official. But why do you say that this will not happen? We do not expect them to work after 19.07.

Edit: I'm considering 19.07.1, 19.07.2 and 19.07.3 as part of 19.07.

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Then try your luck on the openwrt devel mailinglist.

19.07.x has been branched off, it's done and dusted, aside from targetted bugfixes. Don't expect to introduce large structural changes to its code base anymore, development happens on the master branch, not stable releases. If a device isn't present in this release, chances that it will be re-introduced in future -stable updates are minimal to non-existent, this should have been done before openwrt-19.07 was branched off a year ago - or will have to wait for openwrt-20.xy (in terms of 4/32 devices this isn't going to happen anymore, you can still provide patches to introduce device support (so build it yourself), but you won't get prebuilt images for them).

Could you build images with full wpad (not mini version)? Full wpad is needed to enable WiFi roaming.

Welcome, @cyanoone. I posted a recipe about Wi-Fi roaming. I hope it helps you.

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Hi can someone build for me one firmware for my tl-wa850re v2 ?
I flashed it with the firmware for the tl-wr841 v10 who has the same soc and it seems working but not too good can someone help me ?

thanks for providing this image; it saved my day after installing it on TP-Link WR841ND for the purpose of Wifi-Bridge with relayd.

Would it make sense to adress some specific question regarding this function used here in this thread?


Hi, you're welcome.
I think setting up relayd or configuring the network is out of scope of this topic. Feel free to put a link to another topic here.

TL-WA850RE v2 has a problem with the overlay size
Devices with Image too big to save overlay
Until someone come up with a fix for it there is no way around to build a 19.07 image.