OpenWrt 19.07 Builds for TL-WR740N TL-WR741N TL-WR743ND TL-WR802N TL-WR840N TL-WR841N(D) TL-WR843N(D) TL-WR847N TL-WR940N TL-WR941ND

Hi guys, i'd like to share my builds for tiny routers "small devices".



Hello! First of all congratulations on the initiative, it will certainly help many people who have these devices.
I would like to know if you can pass some tips to generate these versions, I have tried without success, to generate a version for the WR-841N v7 removing some packages to add Luci and O Zerotier, unfortunately without success.

Thanks for the effort. So far so good. Glad you took out IPv6. Some people (like me) do not have that yet.

Waiting for the 19.07.3 (SQM + UPnP).

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thanks men :grin: :grin: :grin:

Hi fin, thanks for your work. The question is, does your build support PPP package and LuCI ?
Good luck.

Openwrt tl-wr941nd-v5 16Mb
luci, pptp



is it posibile to make build for tplink wr841hp version 1 ?

Hello 0penWRT, it is unlikely that your device can be assembled build, since it is based on the RTL8196 platform. At least this is definitely not in this topic.


could you please build for TL-WR840N V6.20, thanks

Thank you very much @fin for sharing your work. I really appreciate that. I really hope you can keep doing something for this awesome but very forgotten device (WR940Nv6).

If you may do some new version would be AWESOME!!

Hei, firmware web revert?

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Has someone tried SQM in this version? Does it really work? I'm looking for a working version for my WR940N v6.

Thanks in advance

Hello friend. Very good post. But the firmware for WR841N & (D) don't be in to list. Please, I need de firmware for V14. Thank you.

For an obvious reason, as it's not ar71xx based like its siblings are, but mt7628 - quite a different kind of beast.

Ok, in the title of post is listed the WR841N. Is the reason for my ask.