Openwrt 19.07.2 for NanoPi R1

I've got a NanoPi R1. The manufacturer supplies friendlywrt (an openwrt fork) for this device, but it is based on 18.06.1.

I've tried this file, but the NanoPi R1 does not boot with this image.

Has anybody an openwrt 19.07.x image for the NanoPi R1? I don't need wlan, so it doesn't matter, if wlan is missing.

Thanks for your link. I'm not a developer, just a user with some network experience. But I'd be happy to help with testing and sharing the result. To do this I need a sdcard image for the nanopi r1.

Thank you Jayantajit. Is the build production ready or is it work in progress. Please let me know how can I contribute.

The PR was merged into openwrt.

Official download link here:

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This is great. Thank you. I will be testing it soon.