OpenWrt 19.07.0 first stable release

@bjonglez What do you think of extending the Known issues with those that come up only now, e.g. Atheros switch issues mentioned above?

I think this would be helping users when making decisions whether to update to 19.07.0, or maybe wait for 19.07.1.

See also 19.07.0, luci-app-statistics, memory module not working anymore

Just did the upgrade from 18.06.5 ar71xx to 19.07 ath79 from LuCi web interface, no problem. Thanks for the great work

Actually the issue came up almost a year ago already as you can see in one of the bug reports. Unfortunately though, there hasn't been done anything about it.

Thanks for noticing, it's definitely a good idea.

We can't list any and all issues though, so I have also added a link to the bugs reports assigned to 19.07: Open bug reports for 19.07


I wonder why ath79 tiny target like tl-mr3040, or tl-841-v8 didn't build by the bot.

It does build from me with default config.

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Hi Geof,

thanks for your tests and help!

I've done the same on my WRT32X now and it works fine. So for me 19.07.0 is now also working like a charme with 6 Wifi, different VLANs and >30 clients.

Many thanks for all the hard work of the OpenWrt community!

Best regards

i'm newbie and have stupid question.
Im running OpenWrt 18.06.5 r7897-9d401013fc / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.309.48729-bc17ef6) and i want upgrade to 19.07.
I found this file for my router. How to upgrade from 18.06 to 19.07?
I need move to stock FW ? OR on openwrt admin page flash this file netgear_r7800-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

Please help me.

Unless you read somewhere that for this particular router you need such thing, which is very unlikely, the answer is no.

You can generally upgrade from the admin page or from the SSH command line.

Please, for future, if you have more questions or comments that's are not directly about your feedback about 19.07, start a new topic.

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When coming from 18.06.x, this works just fine.

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Thank all for reply.
I was successful upgrade from v18.06.5 to 19.07 without problem.
All setting was working fine.
All installed pakage was lost.
let's test 19.07 on R7800. Many thank.

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First time using OpenWRT and installed x86 no problem.
Working great!

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Just a heads up: I am running adblock and an unbound & odhcpd only environment. Today after around 12 hours no internal name resolution possible (external fine), although /tmp/hosts/odhcpd was filled. I was given a nxdomain error. I stopped adblock, restartet and all was fine.

Coincidentally a upgrade is available:
unbound-control - 1.9.6-2
unbound-daemon - 1.9.6-2
libunbound - 1.9.6-2

System R7800
Still having some wan odhcpd / unbound / network problems.....
Another upgrade is available:
unbound-control - 1.9.6-3
unbound-daemon - 1.9.6-3
libunbound-light - 1.9.6-3
A little bit difficult to upgrade because libunbound changed to libunbound-light

I upgraded from 18.06 to 19.07 but this new one doesn't support Wireguard Protocol
I installed packages and when I wanted to config wireguard in the interfaces, there wasn't this protocol!!
Am I missing something?

Working fine for me. Did you install Luci-app-wireguard as well?


Yeah I installed the following packages: wireguard , luci-proto-wireguard , luci-app-wireguard

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Related: 19.07 Upgrade renders Wireguard Client Inoperable

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Upgraded to 19.07 (openwrt-19.07.0-ar71xx-generic-archer-c60-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) again after that restart my router, now it works fine
at that moment I upgraded to 19.07 I must have restarted my router that I didn't
it's my bad
Thank you my friends

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TP-Link TL-WR902AC does not seem to be available at

It is still available in

Does that mean it is stuck with the older kernel and no support?

Yesterday, after a few hours working with the internet, I wasn't able to go to router setting on luci web and it showed (can not open this page) like out of memory then I had to return to previous version 18.06 and config my router again
I had this problem before when I upgraded from 18.06 to 19.07 and had to downgrade to 18.06 version again

My router : TP-Link Archer C60 V2

Thank You