OpenWrt 19.07.0 and OpenWrt 19.07.1 bug

Can you absolutely guarantee that you do not have another tab open with the router admin page? You have over 300 open tabs, so there could be one or more that are still open on the router admin page.

To be clear again - nobody else has described this problem, and @lleachii was only able to reproduce the issue by doing a highly unusual sequence of opening and closing tabs.

I strongly believe that it is your browser situation that is the major culprit here.

What device do you have?

Is it a supported device?


Yes. Problem will be only if autorize and save login and passvord in browser , next close all tabs linkin with 192.168.x.1 and next open at least one tab 192.168.x.1. If leave open last open tabs and open next tab with 192.168.x.1 all will be good. However so will be only till as will be open one tab 192.168.x.1. If in browser not save login and password - problem not will arise. Because you everytime be autorizing and OpenWRT 19.07 will be work normaly.

Yes my device is D-Link DIR-825/B1 64 MB RAM

Perhaps something is getting lost in translation here, feel free to post a reply in your native language (with an English translation)...

  • What causes you to perform these sequence of events?
  • Why do you need to perform them to run the router?
  • Are you saying your issue is with the saved login (which I observed from your video some days ago)?
  • Are you saying that you expect LuCI to stayed logged in, on previously logged out pages - without re entering credentials?

It really sounds like this is an issue with opening multiple tabs...I only have problems like this when I still have an old tab open.


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I get this error message URI malformed always after following steps on OpenWRT 19.07.2.
Using Firefox mobile version 68.8.0 on Android 8.
Step 1 with a cleared cache beforehand. Normal login. Default the Status page is shown. All fine.
Step 2 close Firefox (but NO logoff from LUCI and NO closing of the Firefox Tab)
Step 3 restart Firefox...The non-closed Tab reopens automatically with the last OpenWRT URL and the red line with URI malformed message appears.

This bug , lasts long and not fix ?

I'm lost at why you would still call this a bug, when it's clear that the user failed to log out from the browser; and you stated and showed that you open lots of tabs at once for no functional reasons?

Is this a Confirmation Bias?

No error would occur if the user cleared the cache before browsing to LuCI (step 3a); then performed the Step 3b by browsing to LuCI.

You're asking OpenWrt to allow a 3rd party to return to the machine, reopen the tab and have access to LuCI - without entering a password!?!?! :warning:

You don't see a security risk in that??? :thinking:

Are you saying that you want to remove the password from LuCI in your use cases???

NO! I sayd what bug there is.
If you think what need logout always , need do timeout afeter whom will be automaticly logout.
If this not maked , I will be say what this bug.
Because this will be if I easy reopen luci in next tab faster or small delay.

LOL, OK. You described a "bug".

You do understand you must close ALL old tabs, correct?

That's the only issue I saw in your case (i.e. failure to close all old tabs), aside from your opening the new ones very fast.

Yes, OpenWrt also has a new timeout for the login, is this your issue???

Are you asking for the timeout to be removed; or how to change the setting?

Why you try make fun of problem ?
I say and I will be say till you not understand what this BUG and ONLY BUG. Fast or fastest reopen tab or tabs - this normaly. In 18.0x all work normaly , in 18.0x such have timeout and about 3-5 minutes if I reopen tab I see settings without errors. In 19.0x I can reopen tab , I can to get settings and I can replace settings , but I before that will be error. However if I click on status and select any paragraph I open all normally. Why you this deny ?

I'm not. I'm asking why you leave old tabs open, open new ones really fast, then get an error you call a bug?

Please show us this error (i.e. you're unable to make changes to settings) with only ONE tab open to LuCI. Thanks.

:warning: Then that was a security bug!

I've never successfully reopened LuCI after a logout or timeout - without a password.

Heck here, where I sayd what open LUCI after logout and can open per IP address without login on 18.0x?
I always say what if I close tab without logout and open so , I correctly view setup.
You for some reason try say , what bug is not bug.

At all here , besides speed limit , me not help not with anything.

I sayd about bug in interface - to me say what this normaly and fix not will be.
I sayd about bug in recive IPv6 - this also ignored and not fix bug. However I can recive IPv6 if ping 10 ms and more. But as do so that would router do reconnect till not recive IPv6 - to me not sayd.


Apologies if I misunderstood this, can you be more clear?

Feel free to respond in your native language.

Close tab...or CLOSE BROWSER??

@peterstamps closed his browser, so you agree this is another issue and unrelated to your "bug". :+1:

Regarding tabs - I noted that I see this error after opening multiple tabs, so we agree:

While I agree the error appears, I honestly see no functional reason to open multiple tabs - like you did in your video. Please describe the use case.


See: :point_down:

So, it's clear you were just loading tabs, you even made a video.

So, simply show the issue, with one tab - and then someone can identify and confirm the problem too. Simple.

If I open login , and next fast close this tab without logout and open tab again - I see this bug. I say, help not will be this I understand.

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This report is extremely confusing. Despite numerous attempts I fail to reproduce it. How do you "fast close" a tab and open it again? Do you use some kind of shortcut?

  1. open or
  2. login in this tab
  3. close this tab without logout
  4. delay 30-60-90 sec and retry open 192.168.x.1
  5. if normally , close this tab without logout
  6. retry open 192.168.x.1 after 120-160-180 sec
    In this process use only FireFox 7x.x e.g from 70.0 to 75.0.

It seems to me the result of a kind of time-out issue (maybe a check that is wrong programmed/finished??).

It appears randomly, but most often on the latest Firefox Mobile client for Android 8, but I got it also on Windows 10 Firefox (latest version as well), but not also repeatable.
I use HTTPS connections only ---> could it be related / caused by the certificate check?
Just thinking loudly to trigger idea's.
The SyntaxError bar automatically disappears once the page is completely loading.... another potential hint!
Anyway just anoying.....

Of course logout is a normal way to go, but simply closing the Firefox app on a well protected mobile should be okay as well... I am refering to other remarks.

Sometimes I get also other error messages (something with .js execution) but it skips fast and I cannot capture it or properly read / remind the content.