Openwrt 18.6.1 port not ( Stealth ) in firewall scan!

openwrt 18.6.1 port not ( Stealth ) in firewall scan !

OK, that's a completely pointless post as there is no information.

(Not to mention that Shields Up is pretty much of a joke as to the reliability of its scans, both in terms of false positives and false negatives.)

Or is it that you're complaining that every port that isn't open isn't "stealth"?

Well, you might want to do some reading to determine just what that means and why you might or might not want it. Same goes for ping.

Once you've done your research, then you can easily modify the firewall rules to accomplish the goals you make an informed choice about.

I just wouldn't trust Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation to be the ultimate purveyor of knowledge of firewalls and Internet security.

Are you the subject of frequent port scans, or just buying into Steve Gibson's paranoia :wink:

What Does This Mean?

What this means is that, unless you configure your ports to send out the ICMP Unreachable signal you’re actually telling your attacker just as much by stealthing as you are with a closed port.

Furthermore, even if you did configure stealth properly it wouldn’t matter. A single listening service will break the entire ‘purpose’ of stealth – you can’t stealth an open port.

And the best quote of the night

Here’s a tip – stop making security a matter of whether the attacker knows you’re there and start making it a matter of whether or not they can get in anyway.

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this solve the problem thank you to all


I still see some minor arguments pro stealth but anyway: Anyone knows why openwrt has the following ports stealthed by default?


Following jeffs argument "closed" would be sufficient.


OpenWrt does not stealth these ports by default. They're commonly filtered by the ISP network already before they even hit your router.


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