OpenWrt 18.06 reboot failed on ipq4019

when start up to reboot command,System stuck, like this:


I assume this isn't a supported board.

Are your clocks and reset set up properly in your DTS (and "okay")?

完美支持32M SPI Flash

How is "MT7621 perfectly supports 32M SPI Flash" in that link, with Linux 3.18, even remotely related to ipq4019????

The same problem, I have tried it and solved it successfully. In fact, the essential problem is 32M flash.

If you don't modify the code, you can make 16M flash better; you won't get an error of reboot

I'm curious, what device are you having this issue on? I also have an IPQ4019 system I'm porting OpenWRT to, and I've found pretty similar issues. Fortunately, I have the original kernel sources from the manufacturer, and I've found that there were some additional TrustZone / Qualcomm SCM calls being made there (and aren't in upstream or OpenWRT kernels). I was able to patch that support back in and resolve my problem.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out how to patch this into "official" kernels the Right Way, so it'd be interesting to know if your device might be having the same problem. I can provide more details and even patches if you'd like to try out my Work In Progress.

Thank you all, this problem has been resolved;a=commit;h=affe633be4c8122835e255425418ba1680a652e3

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