OpenWrt 18.06.5-18.06.7 and IPv6

Hi all )
As me sayded here for solve my problem with traffic shape - so I and do ) problem solved.

But now have new problem.

Whatever use I TP-Link TL-SG105E or not , I time to time loss IPv6 link.
Wherein I have IPv6 address, I not can receive PD, but if I force reconnect WAN link, I recive IPv6-PD. Why so? What need do? As make so, what be router force requested IPv6-PD and reconnect if this need?

All understand , cause was in WAN6 inteface in DHCP mode. As only I deleted this interface - all work correctly.

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I'n need Help
Business in therein , what IPv6-PD recive not stable I noticed what if link without PD send command to recconect - IPv6-PD always recived.
What I need do what would IPv6-PD recive stable ? As need config files for automatic chek whether there is a IPv6-PD or no and no , for automatic recconect in cycle until there is receiving IPv6-PD

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Where is it ?
Now I fully remove WAN6 and use per WAN. If I use wan + wan6 but recive IPv6 per PPPoE link from WAN + User builtin IPv6 Managament - then also recive error.

I cannot link two WANs in once. My Provider do only one PPPoE session.

Now so


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I'm linked per PPPoE and as WAN if WAN switch to PPPoE , there no this function and WAN_6 link as virtual port. If I try link WAN + WAN6 on PPPoE , so also opportunities set this no. Virtual Interface not editable.

All whay I can this set so

My settings for network here
On Virtual Dynamic Interface (DHCPv6-Client) button edit not clickable and not editable

This problem solved.
For correct connect need command line :
20 3 * * * ifdown wan; sleep 15; ifup wan; sleep 5; ifup wan - IPv6 recived.
if this not do , and use command line :
20 3 * * * ifdown wan; sleep 15; ifup wan - IPv6 not recived.
Here log file on process connect to ISP
Not have value have or not have WAN6 and as set WAN6 .. in secondary method , WAN6 can be delete and all works.
But only if use command line as 20 3 * * * ifdown wan; sleep 15; ifup wan; sleep 5; ifup wan

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