OpenWrt 18.06.2 Telnet

Im new to building openwrt image. I have used openwrt for some years now. Im writing a python script that uses telnetlib. I would like to add ssh support. But for now atleast im working with what i got. I have wrote my python working with chaos calmer as it has telnet enabled. Now i would like to update to 18.06.2. Anyone know if possible to add telnet support ?

There appear to be a few Telnet packages, but I'm not sure if it is the standard telnet server package you're looking for.

That said...
You really shouldn't be using telnet anymore (as you may know) because it has essentially zero security. Many people here will probably chime in with serious concerns and objections to the use of telnet, and the arguments against telnet are legit.

Another way to approach this is to ask -- what are you doing with your existing python scripts via telnet? Maybe there is a better, more secure way to handle the same tasks, using ssh or otherwise.


The paramiko library should enable you to add ssh support relatively simply.