OpenWrt 18.06.1 PPPOE connection issue

Today i installed the latest OpenWrt to a Archer C7 v2, and I have problems with PPPOE, cannot connect to ISP, I receive a Simultaneous too may session issue. If I plug out, wait 10s and plug back it is working. If I restart the device not connecting, it must plug out wait 30s and plug in and it working.
My question it is normal because previously I not have same issues.

Most ISP's require you to go offline for period of time before allowing a new connection. It could be your current setup is restarting too quickly.

You could try powering off waiting a minute or longer then powering on to verify instead of just a reboot ( I am assuming by restart you mean reboot not power-cycle ).

yes it mean restart from Luci, I tested same options restart and poweroff from button but same. The problem is when I restart remote it not connecting back.

Hi @rubenzsolt
Hello, I usually have one or another disconnection but it is my ISP's problem I use my WR741 router with PPPoE protocol.
After making the general configuration I usually use cronjobs to renew the WAN connection when the Internet is not used in my home

30 3 * * * * ifup wan

Custom LEDE/OpenWrt/libreCMC

i have some reconnection issues since upgrading from 17.04.4 to 18.06.0 and back to 17.04.5
the internet connection stalls after a few minutes up to a few hours and almost never reconnects.
I further noticed, that it takes longer time to connect to pppoe after reboot.
@xhaka the script is a nice workaround for this issue. However, this command will initiate a new connection - even if the interface was up before.
But anyway the router can be accessed from outside.

With 17.04.4 i had it the other way round. It was dropping and reconnecting even if the connection was still working, due to LCP echo failures.

In case you are unsure about the correct release naming, see

It's 17.01.x and 18.06.x
I'm just writing this because only recently the number of "creative release naming" has gone up significantly. Do we have fullmoon, or more sunspots than usual? Just curious :slight_smile:


Hi @CereS for me the next settings are solved the problem, and it is working under 18.06.1.

config interface 'wan'
	option keepalive '3 2'
	option persist '1'
	option holdoff '5'

Hi tmomas,
sorry for that - fullmoon is just a few days away :wink: Normally i'm pretty precise..

Thanks @rubenzsolt
i will try that tonight. This looks like a difference in the keepalive parameter compared to 17.01 ?
Update: It looks like it's working now - for about 2hrs the connection is up and stable.

I noticed another issue - after upgrading i installed a list of packages:
opkg install adblock luci-ssl luci-theme-bootstrap nano wget htop curl luci-theme-material ddns-scripts luci-app-ddns ca-certificates luci-app-adblock luci-base luci-mod-admin-full luci-app-firewall luci-proto-ipv6
after a reboot no connection came up for 10 minutes. Flashed again and when i removed everything but:
opkg install luci-ssl luci-theme-bootstrap nano wget htop curl
the connection came right up, after reboot.
maybe a coincedence, but is there a package, that influenced pppoe?

sadly, in the end it didn't worked out - yesterday evening the router went offline, after approx 3hrs. stayed offline until this morning. A reset brought it up again until 2 p.m. after that it stayed offline until tonight. Another reset and it took 1.5 hrs to reconnect.
The syslog is full with message like this: "Timeout waiting for PAD0" Packets.

Wed Aug 29 23:14:30 2018 daemon.warn pppd[1261]: Timeout waiting for PADO packets
Wed Aug 29 23:14:30 2018 daemon.err pppd[1261]: Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery

Will try another router now to see if the DSL line is the root cause. If not i will open another thread and end hijacking this.

Just as a headsup: there are at least two problems here.
One being my ISP having difficulties with a internetrouter at that time.
The other one being me having something wrongly configured.

I configured 18.06.1 completely new on that router and kept only the DHCP Lease configuration and now the connection works as before (with around 5 reconnects per day).

"Timeout waiting for PADO packets" means the PPPOE client cannot reach anybody at the other end of the wire... either your config is really messed up, and your would never manage to connect, or the issue is outside the real of OpenWrt.