OpenWrt 18.06.1 installed on GFH

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Not exactly sure what I did, but I've managed to install OpenWrt 18.06.1 on my GoFlex Home!

Problem is I can't login via ssh.

Any ideas?

How is ssh controlled on OpenWrt?

I can't find an sshd_config like on other platforms. Do I need to install openssh or do I need to enable it somehow?

By default the SSH daemon is Dropbear, so the path for the config is /etc/config/dropbear and for keys /etc/dropbear/

There is OpenSSH as an optional package, but Dropbear covers the majority of the cases.

Thanks. Tried to look at dropbear but appears to consist around 130 '@' signs...

How exactly did you try to look at dropbear?
Like trying to read the contents of a binary file?

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@balanga, you have been a member of this forum for almost a year and it still amazes me that you seem to take on challenging tasks based on online receipes and how-to's and seemingly not trying very hard to understand what you are about to do before diving in. It is your way and it seems to work for you eventually. But please consider reading a good book about Linux or Unix.

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OpenWrt is not like any ordinary Linux or Unix. I know how to control sshd on normal Unix systems.

I probably bought my first Unix book 30 years ago.

I follow howto's on the OpenWrt Wiki because I assume that they work.

I typed

less /etc/config/dropbear

Is that wrong?

Cool, FYI all files in /usr/sbin are binary executable files.

No, it should not be like that.
Does cat /etc/config/dropbear produce the same output?

That produces no output at all.

ls -lah /etc/config/dropbear

And they all seem to point to /bin/busybox.

Then your build is messed up and useless.