OpenWrt 18.06.1 and OpenVPN server

Hi guys,

I am beginner in Linux and OpenWRT. I was trying to setup OpenVPN server using this guide:

Apart from that it screwed my Router ceritificate while trying to access it via web panel (unsafe webstie) it simply does not work. Last step which is:

sh -e -v -x /tmp/

does not create the /etc/openvpn/my-server.ovpn file. Instead it simply shows a lot of info with IF functions etc. which i simply do not understand.

I think it might be outdated or something.

My question is do we know any step by step guides how to set up OpenVPN server which can be manages by luci-app-OpenVPN package (or any other web config based configuration)?

Many thank for any advice guys and sorry for my lack of knowledge.

Please post the output of sh -e -v -x /tmp/