OpenWrt 18.06.0 on a Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 v1 - problem after Power off

Hi there!

I got a Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 v1, and i installed OpenWRT 18.06.0 on it. When i press the power off switch, it won't start anymore. Then i need to reset it so it works again.

Do i need to shut down OpenWRT "properly"? I never had that problem with other routers and OpenWRT, e.g. the Western Digital N750...

When i shut down it with "poweroff" command in the SSH console, the problem is gone...

And a question: When i look at i read "Don't attempt to flash unless you have a UART serial device. You will brick it and cry." regarding to the image

But mine is not "completely bricked"..

When i look at the old page on, i read that: "This doesn't work on R7500v1" for - and i can't see any version in filename...?

Does somebody know more about?


That's the old devicepage in the old wiki showing old information.
Please refer to the devicepage in the new wiki for more current information.

Ok, thx.

But what's that?
-> " Don't attempt to flash unless you have a UART serial device. You will brick it and cry."


I was able to flash it without rs232, and i was able to flash it back after a invalid DD-WRT installation. I've done the following things:

  • Press the reset button until the led blinks
  • Turn your computer ethernet card to, Subnet mask
  • Use the MS "tftp" from Windows 10 or a Linux one to upload the original firmware from Netgear

DD-WRT bricked it completely... but OpenWRT makes problems after switch off power... with OpenWRT, i can also press the reset button - after that i have a "clean", unconfigured OpenWRT

-> Question: Is it "normal" that i need to shutdown OpenWRT devices with "poweroff" in console?? On my other router, Western Digital N750, it seems i don't need to do that.

The version i used for the netgear was 18.06.0...


Upload to

poweroff is always 'better' (on architectures where that works, ipq806x is one of them), but it shouldn't be required (and sometimes it's simply unavoidable) as OpenWrt tries to reduces writes as much as possible.

There are problems with NAND and ubi devices under investigation affecting multiple targets, but these aren't necessarily reliably reproducable (e.g. I had issues on lantiq && NAND (lantiq doesn't have a functional poweroff) a few months ago, but couldn't reproduce anything more recently) and not quite understood yet. Here it would be interesting to investigate what actually happens with a serial console (in my personal case files like shadow easily got corrupted by an unclean shutdown).

OK, thx. Will try it with Version 18.06.1 now...

But i don't understand why the write that??

It sounds that you need a rs232 adapter to flash it..?

There seems to be no problems anymore with v 18.06.1

"But i don't understand why the write that??"

I think they need to correct that...!!

And unbricking with a computer with static ip with original netgear firmware and tftp is absolutely no problem...


Regards, Jan

It sounds like if it's bricked, you'll need a serial cable to recover.

You didn't brick, no RS232 needed. All is well.

That doesn't work for all devices.

There seem to be no problems with Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 v1 and OpenWRT 18.06.1! :slight_smile:

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