OpenWrt 17.xx (LEDE): which packages can be removed to free memory?

Hi all.

Which from the following packages can I remove to free memory to install OpenVPN?

Package name Version
Remove base-files 173.6-r4030-6028f00df0
Remove busybox 1.25.1-4
Remove dnsmasq 2.78-6
Remove dropbear 2017.75-5
Remove firewall 2017-05-27-a4d98aea-1
Remove fstools 2018-04-16-6609e98a-1
Remove fwtool 1
Remove hostapd-common 2016-12-19-ad02e79d-7
Remove ip6tables 1.4.21-3
Remove iptables 1.4.21-3
Remove iw 4.9-1
Remove iwinfo 2016-09-21-fd9e17be-1
Remove jshn 2018-11-16-4382c76d-1
Remove jsonfilter 2016-07-02-dea067ad-1
Remove kernel 4.4.182-1-d576400bcae..6ff
Remove kmod-ath 4.4.182+2017-01-31-15
Remove kmod-ath9k 4.4.182+2017-01-31-15
Remove kmod-ath9k-common 4.4.182+2017-01-31-15
Remove kmod-cfg80211 4.4.182+2017-01-31-15
Remove kmod-gpio-button-hotplug 4.4.182-2
Remove kmod-ip6tables 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-ipt-conntrack 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-ipt-core 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-ipt-nat 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-lib-crc-ccitt 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-mac80211 4.4.182+2017-01-31-15
Remove kmod-nf-conntrack 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-nf-conntrack6 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-nf-ipt 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-nf-ipt6 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-nf-nat 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-ppp 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-pppoe 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-pppox 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-slhc 4.4.182-1
Remove kmod-tun 4.4.182-1
Remove lede-keyring 2017-01-20-a50b7529-1
Remove libblobmsg-json 2018-11-16-4382c76d-1
Remove libc 1.1.16-1
Remove libgcc 5.4.0-1
Remove libip4tc 1.4.21-3
Remove libip6tc 1.4.21-3
Remove libiwinfo 2016-09-21-fd9e17be-1
Remove libiwinfo-lua 2016-09-21-fd9e17be-1
Remove libjson-c 0.12.1-1
Remove libjson-script 2018-11-16-4382c76d-1
Remove liblua 5.1.5-1
Remove liblzo 2.10-1
Remove libnl-tiny 0.1-5
Remove libpthread 1.1.16-1
Remove libubox 2018-11-16-4382c76d-1
Remove libubus 2017-02-18-34c6e818-1
Remove libubus-lua 2017-02-18-34c6e818-1
Remove libuci 2018-01-01-141b64ef-1
Remove libuci-lua 2018-01-01-141b64ef-1

Thank you in advance for your valued feedback!!! :blush:

if the packages came with the image, removing them, won't actually free any flash space.



Apart from 17.01.x being EOL, with known security issues - also (particularly for your use-case; also consider that most remote ends hard-requiring a more recent OpenVPN than the one that was present in 17.01.x for security reasons) in OpenVPN and the issue described by frollic.

OpenVPN and libssl weigh over 1 MB, the ar71xx base firmware weighs around 3.5 MB, at least 192 (more commonly 256-) KB are 'lost' to bootloader and wifi calibration, regardless of what you do, you won't be able to free up 'enough' flash to install and run OpenVPN on devices with 4 MB flash.

tl;dr: upgrade, the hardware and with that the OpenWrt version.


Understood. Can you give me an advice which affordable router has enough memory to run the latest OpenWrt version including OpenVPN? Thank you

define affordable
tell us the speed of your internet connection (or the expected speed of the VPN tunnel)
and a hint on where you're located, geographically


30Mbit/sec, Northern Italy. Thanks

Mercusys MR70X, drawback is it only got 16MB flash.
Netgear WAX206
Totolink X5000R soft brick if it comes with the new flash chip, support is being added
D-Link DAP-X1860, only one ethernet port, which you need to use for WAN, all clients must use wifi