OpenWrt 17.01.7 - date of release?

Any news about date of release openwrt 17.01.7 ?

Did you just arrive from a very long trip?

OpenWrt current release is 18.06.02 now, and we are expecting 19.03 (or 19.x) very soon.

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19.03 is, last I read (Feb, 22), planned for initial branch off master in mid-March. Releases take a few weeks of stabilization and test after that.

[the last RC] between 2 and 4 weeks later, the final release will then probably happen sometime in April.

There may be some minor changes in the last release of v17 before it goes EOL, but I didn't immediately find any reference to it on the mailing list.

I know, and use 18.06.02 in few of my routers.
But for some old platforms 17.01.x with 4.4 kernel is better.

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You've got some time then to be able to plan for upgrading your firmware and/or your devices.

Nothing that isn't on Linux 4.14 or later will be actively developed going forward (same reference).

Here is the list of targets not on kernel 4.14:
$ grep KERNEL_PATCHVER target/linux/ -r |grep 4.14 -v

As you may have noticed 17.01.7 has been available for a while even though I don't think it's been officially released. The security patch that caused 18.06.4 to be created shortly after 18.06.3 has been merged to the 17.01 branch but you need to build it yourself.

I rechecked my references and found

[Resolving the build problems of late June] will unfortunately also delay 18.06.3 and 17.07.7 releases until further notice.

Yes, but then jow posted this yesterday: 18.06.3 and 18.06.4?

The 18.06.4 tag was added 3 days ago so I don't think there will be a 17.01.8 tag. I don't know if v17 was even affected by the build problems. It doesn't seem to have been rebuilt, unlike 18.06.3.

What is the latest on the release date for 17.01.7?

It has been available at for a few weeks now, but no word on when we'll see official release.

"delay 18.06.3 and 17.07.7 releases until further notice"

You do realize that there is effectively nothing new on 17.07, that it is two years old, that it is EOL and will receive no further updates, yes? Similarly, at least as I understand it, 18.06 is not receiving any of the "goodness" on the 19.07 branch, or any of the releases to follow. It's on life support as soon as 19.07 releases.

Perhaps it is time to consider upgrading your firmware to something with ongoing support. If you're running a 4/32 router, you should be considering upgrading that as well, as support for them ends after 2019.

I need to reissue GPG signing certs for 17.07.x and manually sign the files as the original ones expired after two years.

Once I got around to that, I‘ll announce it.


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I was updating to 19.07.0 when I noticed that 17.01.7 is missing on that page.

There is also no 17.01.7 on and no forum announcement.

What is the status of this service release, still WIP or abandoned? (Maybe I missed something...)

It looks to me that it had been discussed, tagged, built, released, documented, but didn't receive an announcement -- but neither did 18.06.3 that was tagged at the very same time, then "skipped", and just referenced in the 18.06.4 announcement. Maybe the problems with 18.06.3 and the scrambling to get 18.06.4 out the door ASAP led to an 17.01.7 announcement simply have been ... forgotten?

That was however the last and final 17.01.x release, the buildbots are about to be decommissioned. Roughly equivalent (in terms of security fixes) to 18.06.3.