Openvpn work but speed is awful

When i use .ovpn profile on my pc through openvpn gui it give me 80 mbps+-

When i use the same profile but on router it give me 15 mbps

But if on the router vpn is enabled and i will enable another profile of vpn (but to the same server (server is my) speed will increase to 80

What is the problem?

This is normal due to hardware performance limitations to process encryption:


The CPU in your router, would be my guess.


if problem in cpu why when vpn is enabled on router and + i enable it on pc it start giving me 80mbps?

Because your computer's CPU is vastly more powerful than the router's CPU, so encryption is faster.


but i start vpn at the same time on router and pc, then why is it like this?

Depends on your routing tables. You'll probably find that your PC's encrypted VPN tunnel isn't going via your router's encrypted VPN tunnel, so the router's CPU probably has no effect in this instance. That's my guess, anyway.


i have checked and load average of cpu is just 20%

when, doing what ?

and finally, what device ?

Asus rt AX53U

doing vpn connection and speed testing

help me please

That device runs on an MT7621 SoC, 15 mbps sounds about right for what it can do with OpenVPN. There's nothing anyone can do about that, the CPU is too weak to do better.

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Read this:

It'll be easier for other forum members to help you, if you provide detailed information about what you need help with.

don't run the VPN on the router, switch to Wireguard, or get a router with a beefier SoC.


^^^ this. Generally speaking, OpenVPN is slow and processor intensive. Switching to wireguard will give you significantly improved throughput using a more modern and performant cryptographic system.

If this is an option in your environment, make the switch and you’ll be much happier.

fyi, AsusWrt on RT-AX53u supports Openvpn out of the box.

As pointed out by @takimata , your Asus is powered by low cost MT7621 SoC (880MHz MIPS). You will NEVER see more than 19 mbps over ethernet (lower using wifi) with openvpn running on the router with AsusWrt or OpenWRT.

Openvpn on Broadcom powered AsusWrt routers should be capable of at least 50 mbps out of the box. eg. RT-AC86u (1.8GHz ARM SoC) is known to support 70 mbps openvpn speeds, and upto 150 mbps when running custom Rmerlin asuswrt builds.

I have a TPlink VR2600 (1.4 GHz IPQ8064 ARM SoC) running OpenWRT with openvpn client. That maxes out at around 65mbps using ethernet.

I recently tested 2013 i5-3xxxm laptop running openvpn client on x86 OpenWRT booting from flash drive. I can get 482 mbps openvpn speeds (ethernet) out of my 518 mbps FTTP connection, because I understand openvpn client can use the AES hardware encryption provided by the Intel processor to significantly improve performance.

@vgaetera already posted this link comparing different SoCs: