OPENVPN with VPNBypass


I have a router device with openVPN and VPN bypass. Its working great on Rev 19 and I have plans to move this to rev 21 soon.

I have reserved the mac address to receive the IP address from the bypass specified range and that works great. I would ideally like to have two zones. One VPN zone with one of the wifi raid and perhaps two lan ports. And one Normal zone with the second radio and two lan ports. I can then easily do away with the bypass ad the VPN and non VPN segmented.

Is this even possible? I tied several times but just wasn't able to get this access of non-vpn zone to internet.

Please advise.


Folks, like I said that I installed a openvpn and that works fine with bypass...

Today I created zones and decided not to use the vpnbypass

Bound one radio to openVPN and second to LAN

OPenVPN works fine
But the LAN has no access to internet.
Both radio gave me respective subnet ip addresses and also access to LUCI

What gives..Pls help.