OpenVPN & Wireguard with mwan3, Load Balancing and Policy routing: success


to anyone interested, using last mwan3 version I am able to:

  • load balancing traffic between 3 openvpn connections and 1 wireguard connection
  • use policy routing to route traffic on a specific interface (using source/destination address an/or source/destination port, protocol)

I hope this info can be useful to you

i love there a way that lede/openwrt will have an anti-dpi for vpn...

Hi, I'm trying to set up something similar using luci's mwan3 GUI and can't get it to work: wireguard with fallback to regular wan connection. The fallback connection never works... Is this possible via UI or I need to start hacking config files?

P.S. I think the problem is firewall zone settings in the UI vs what MWAN is trying to do, but I have never seen anyone mentioning how mwan3 supposed to work standard firewall zones from luci.

can post you tutorial so people can try it on?

From my side once I have everything working I will share my set up.

can u shareit here

@ciccio.reborn can you share your setup?
@someuser08 do you had everything working now?


yes, works very well (I tried with multiple openvpn and multiple Wireguard) but I can't in this moment share my setup (I will do it in next few days, sorry).

In few words, I setup openvpn connections with "route no pull" in openvpn configuration and some other config (like option 'metric' and route) as described in

Similar config for Wireguard: actually I use mwan3 2.6.17 on 18.06 openwrt (with openwrt 17.06 I used mwan3 2.6.7).


Hi, could you provide a working configuration mwan3 + wireguard? I can not make them friends


Can you share how you got mwan3 working with wireguard? i need all vpn to come in through wanb, but wireguard fails to connect. im almost sure that its some routing policy that im missing.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi, could you share some details? I used vxlan over wg and link aggregation, but the rules on policy routing are ignored.
I'm trying to keep one wg link on wan and the other on wanb based on destination port.

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