OpenVPN wiki article: server push config

Sure. In no particular order, listing threads I have contributed to since January:

Sure... while @Per did not explicitly state that it should be removed from the wiki, the comment that it is supported only on Windows implies that may cause problems on client platforms other than Windows. Further, when I clicked through that link, it indicated that the directive is intended for TAP implementations, and since the wiki sets up OpenVPN with tun, it would seem to be unnecessary at best, and problematic at worst.

I do believe that those two lines are either breaking OpenVPN on OpenWRT, or at least not achieving the functionality described by the wiki's preamble. This can be said for at least those users who have asked for help on the forum (there is obviously no data on how many users were successful directly from the wiki and/or who made modifications to their configurations without commenting on the forums).

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