OpenVPN+WIFI tunnel separate from existing LAN/WLAN

Hi OpenWrt Community,

first of all i am verry sorry for my english.
I got a OpenVPN Server(tcp-client).
My idea -> i want my VPN connection to be on a separate LAN and a WIFI HotSpot connected to it. I allready got some WiFi Hotspots but they should be still connected over the Standard ISP and not over VPN.

What i got so far is an running VPN Connection over tun0 with the luci-openvpn app.
I also searched in the Forum and found several Tutorials but to be honest i don't get it.

Am i right to be successful i have to do those steps:

  • Create a new Interface "VPN" physical on TUN0
  • Creat a new Interfac "LAN2" physical where to point it ? Bridges those somehow ?
  • Looks like i need a Firwall Zone
  • Wifi Hotspot witch directs to LAN2
  • I guess to seperate those i need the LAN2 in another subnet maybe Routes?

Maybe someone got the configurations allready so i can set it up over SSH.
Thank your for your Support

Hi Community,

maybe someone can help with this?
Thank You

These topics have been covered adnausium ( lots here and on the wiki ). Breaking down your setup into 2 parts;

  • The LAN port and associated network [range,subinterface,SSID]
  • The openvpn routing side of things

Will help you find documents to assist with the setup.

Granted, it's not easy... so you have to break it up into even smaller parts and develop your basic skills / understanding...

If you try lots.. then come back with;

  • A clear and detailed diagram
  • Your config files

And you will greatly improve your chances of obtaining SPECIFIC and TARGETED support for EXACT areas of setup you are struggling with.

p.s. Welcome to the community...! ( english is very good... no need to apologise )

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