OpenVPN snapshot dsa rt3200 e8450

hello i don't arrive to create vpn with my router

only work on swconfig not dsa

i have also make the config with rb750gr3 and it work

but with dsa architecturture not work

how make please



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hello thanks for the response but is not for openvpn in your tuto :frowning:

None of the common VPN solutions (wireguard, strongswan (IPsec), openvpn) really care about the distinction between swconfig or dsa, that's handled transparently underneath it.

I'm successfully running wireguard on ipq806x/ dsa, no configuration difference to swconfig (which I were using until ~2 months ago).


i don't have found the tun0 ? is normal ?

edit :smile: is good is my password was wrong thanks everybody

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