OpenVPN setup - where is build-dh?

Surprised theres not a single good guide on setting this up on OpenWrt

where is this elusive build-dh hiding? I have installed everything to do with openvpn and cannot locate this, and the official docs dont seem to ever mention this?

Quite confused

Edit, seems to be a part of openvpn-easy-rsa, nonetheless the docs are a bit vague on where config pieces belong?

Edit 2: docs really ought to be revised, looks like someones copy pasted notes slapped up there, c'mon

Many favour wireguard over OpenVPN or IPsec these days, as the setup tends to be simpler and the throughput significantly better.

E.g. I never liked OpenVPN and preferred IPsec/ IKEv2, before switching to wireguard.


Thanks for the input! I will take a look at wireguard

I agree with @slh.
Wireguard is much better in most situations -- it is far easier to setup and much more performant than OpenWrt for any given hardware setup.

But, if you do need to run OpenVPN, I recommend creating all of your keys and your dh parameter file on a regular desktop/laptop computer and then transferring the files to the router. It's simply much faster (a few seconds vs probably many minutes) to generate them on a proper computer.