OpenVPN settings

I need secure access to storage device from internet. The router is WRT3200ACM. Attached is USB flash memory. Samba is configured and works well across LAN. Started openvpn setting and no success till now. The client can't connect and there are not coming packets in tun0 interface. I tried to set the openvpn server in a mix of cli and luci, so I could missed something. Some suggestions what to do or what kind of info to post here from the router configurations?

Did you follow the guide?
There are troubleshooting instructions you can follow.

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Without any details of the configuration and errors, it is impossible to point you in the right direction. The troubleshooting guide @trendy linked is a great place to start. If you still have issues, post your configs.

Alternatively, consider using Wireguard. It is easier to configure and is more performant than OpenVPN.

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I followed the guide. And it works. Two days useless fight because I tried to do it in my way.
The only one thing I made differently was the client key generation - intsead of only one, I performed the two steps several times changing:
easyrsa build-client-full client nopass
openvpn --tls-crypt-v2 ${EASYRSA_PKI}/private/server.pem
--genkey tls-crypt-v2-client ${EASYRSA_PKI}/private/client.pem
Is it correct? I mean should it work with several accounts - I saw that all ovpn profile files are generated.
And thanks a lot for the suggestion to follow the guide

Yeah, but there is a guide for that too, as well as the automated guide.