Openvpn setting

Hi all!
I have LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.290.79498-d3f0685), TP-Link TL-WR842N/ND v3.
I installed an openVPN server on the tp-link. After setting up (I use for settings the link: ) i can connect to the VPN. After connect to the openVPN i can connect to PCs in LAN (use addresses like 192.168.1.X) of the tp-link but i have no internet from PC-client on PC-client. After it i go to settings of the VPN connect and check "Use only for the resources of this connection". After the checking the box i have internet from my PC (it is good) but i can't connect to PC in LAN of the tp-link. LAN tp-link has addresses like 192.168.1.X. VPN server has addresses like 10.0.100.X. In my PC-client i has LAN too with addresses 192.168.0.X if it important.
I want connect to the VPN server on tp-link and connect to PC in LAN of tp-link, but internet need use from client PC.

I had that same problem when i used tun device in VPN then i switched to tap device all the openvpn clients could see lan of my lede router and had access to internet, But it was headache to set up tap clients on various devices. Android does not even support tap device. There are some paid apps that emulate tap device but is not stable and are very slow so i switched back to tun device and lost access from vpn clients to lede routers lan.

Hope this info helps.

Check that the routes in the PC-Client are correct, and check that the router is configured to forward traffic from VPN to WAN.

How i can do it? And how i need set the routes?

I set tap device in client PC but it not work. I can not see PC in to LAN of tp-link.

Did you configure openvpn tap on your openvpn server? It's different then configuring openvpn server tun.

Here is a guide just follow tap device steps and it will work. I used this same guide and it works.

I do it on ssh. And it not work for me. Can i do it into luci web-GUI?

Do not know, i never use gui on my router for configuration.

Is the client a Windows PC? Just open a command window and execute "route /print", then post the results here.
Also, post the contents of your network and firewall config files here.

I found the solution for my problem here

And now it work. I check it on Debian 9 with plasma but i need use the VPN server on windows PC also i will check it a nexttime.