OpenVPN Server - Internet Only and Internet+LAN Only Requirements

Hi All,
I've been bouncing around between pfsense, untangle and now openwrt as my router/firewall of choice for the past couple of months.

It's taken me a while to get openwrt working on my windows server hyper v environment and I am happy to say it now works and at face value with SQM/Cake enabled it works exceptionally fast, both in bootup and overall performance too.

In fact I've been that impressed with performance that I would like to stick with OpenWRT going forward however I have a few additional requirements that I still need to sort out first and was hoping you good people can help me.

I have a requirement to setup ideally two OpenVPN servers. The first OpenVPN server I would just like to setup with Internet Access only, no access to the LAN at all.
This is to be used by my Dad who works overseas and needs access to some UK TV content.

The second OpenVPN server would be used by myself for remote access to the LAN and internet access through it, a more standard setup.

I don't need anything complicated for ACL user mgmt, only two users required, my Dad and I.

Would anyone be able to confirm that OpenWrt can support both these requirements?

If it can then I would appreciate some help on how to progress to setting this up.
I have read some of the wiki information which provides CLI based instructions on how to setup a basic OpenVPN server. However I was hoping this would also be possible via the Luci web ui, but it seems other than picking an appropriate VPN template the rest requires tinkering under the bonnet.

Any help would be much appreciated.