OpenVPN server guide

Hi all

I just followed the great guide from @vgaetera to set up an OpenVPN server. The description worked flawlessly :pray: :grinning:.

When importing the client file into OpenWrt I had two minor challenges which I quickly wanted to share in case someone else has similar problems:

  • I got the following error "--cipher is not set. Previous OpenVPN version defaulted to BF-CBC as fallback when cipher negotiation failed in this case. If you need this fallback please add '--data-ciphers-fallback BF-CBC' to your configuration and/or add BF-CBC to --data-ciphers."
    I added
    --data-cipher AES-128-GCM and
    --data-ciphers-fallback BF-CBC
    to mitigate the error.

  • I also got a "OpenSSL: error:0908F066:PEM routines:get_header_and_data:bad end line" error which took me quite a while to figure out. Actually the import of the file was creating a mistake. Instead of
    -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- (as it is written in the client.ovpn)
    it said -----BEGIN PRIVATEKEY----- (missing space) in the imported text.

With kind regards and thanks for the guide,