Openvpn server config

Hi guys,
I have just finished configuring openvpn server following this guide

Everything works fine without issue.
I would like to create 2 client profile:
When I'm outside I will use my openvpn server to reach internet,without being able to reach any of my lan device at home.
-Split vpn
When I'm outside I will use my openvpn server only to reach my lan devices,while I continue surfing the entire internet with my internet connection.

In the basic guide linked above tun0 is configured not in a new zone but as list device on lan configuration.
I know that in order to make a split vpn I can put this inside the client configuration


But even If I put or leave this configuration,I can always reach my lan devices on a subnet.
My vpn subnet is

How can I have a full vpn configuration working preventing me to reach any of my lan devices on subnet?
Since the tun0 is defined inside the lan zone as reported by the guide, it's needed a new zone?
Thank you in advance guys!

There may be multiple approaches to this problem. One way to do this is to create a second instance of OpenVPN server in your router (tun1), create a new firewall zone for it, and do not allow forwarding from that vpn zone to the lan. This would need to be on a different port, though, so it is maybe not the most ideal.
There may be other, better ways to do this. Hopefully others can chime in.