OpenVPN remotely to home network from mobile device, adblock not working

New to openwrt, so be gentle please

I followed a tutorial using OpenVPN to access my home network using my mobile device from anywhere. I successfully installed it and am able to ping my home network from my mobile device without being connected to my home wifi.

On my openwrt, I have adblock installed and when on network, I get results of blocking something like 95%+ of ads based on

However, when I disconnect from wifi and use OpenVPN to connect to my home network (pinging successfully) and run the same test on my mobile device, I get 2%.

Could anyone help me out on where to start looking to fix this?

Additionally, I'd like help another topic but don't want to flood the forum. I'd be glad to make a new thread if mods prefer it though.

My second issue is I am unable to connect to my home network over OpenVPN when my openwrt router is running a VPN for my home network. My ultimate goal is:

  1. Run a VPN to cover my entire home network and any device that connects to it.
  2. Run an adblocker for my entire home network and any device that connects to it.
  3. Connect to my home network from anywhere on my mobile devices/laptops and have all traffic go through my adblocker and VPN

I was able to (1) successfully, but run into problems when I combine it with (3)