Openvpn overload

Good morning
I use openvpn. When connecting to a VPN
CPU usage varies a lot when not in use.
30-50 mhz if you use wire guard for example
150-200mhz when using openvpn
I'm looking for a way to keep this at 30-50 mhz.
OS used is esxi 6.7.

The first picture is the amount used when using a wire guard.
In the second picture, using openvpn increases usage by 60-80%.
(currently unused)


You already have the way. Use wireguard instead of openvpn.


Thank you for answer
I need to use oepnvpn
VPN users prefer openvpn to wireguard software
I prefer. user's request.

Then you're stuck with slightly higher cpu usage. Openvpn uses more. That's just how it is.

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You can also limit the network speed.
Looking for a way to lower cpu usage
No way? I have tested the control with sqm but
To no avail.

You could also run OpenVPN on x86. The low power soc options in most basic routers simply doesn’t have the horsepower to run OpenVPN with high bandwidth. A system with a more powerful cpu will handle OpenVPN without issue. You can use openwrt on x86 just as you are with your current router.

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Is this OpenWRT software to begin with?

Why do you measure the frequency use per app on a CPU since a CPU always use 100% of all available frequency.
What does 200MHz mean anyway in this measurement? How fast CPU do you have to begin with? How many cores?
Is it processing time you try to measure?

And as long as you have available ram memory left the CPU will shuffle all data without any speed drop anyway.

But do you really want speed on VPN you need a VPN router with build in crypto hardware accelerator to handle the calculations required.