OpenVpn Only Ping! no other traffic


I'm working on mobile router made with RPI4, 2 usb 4g modem.
I'm using last snapshot FW.

The problem starts with update in the middle of december (i beleive).

VPN is a point to point vpn psk.

after a lot of tentative this is the result:

TAP: work only ping but notthingelse
TUN: work ping, traceroute.... but notthingelse.

On the log all ok!

Help me pls! :slight_smile:


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Route into a Open-VPN-Client Subnet - #17 by vgaetera


thks I a├Člready done... but same result...

i beleive that the issue is in sometingh on snapshot version (form december)
same configuraion, same 4g key on Rpi1 working good!

any ideas?

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There are some changes due to OpenVPN 2.5 upgrade and relocation of the package sources.
Make sure your WWAN interface MTU is optimized when performing tracepath or ping to the VPN server.


comp_lzo = none!



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The reason for disabling LZO is explained in the commit message.
See also: VORACLE attack and OpenVPN

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