OpenVPN on Archer C2600

First off, I'm completely admitting to being lost and am truly grateful for any help.

I want to have the C2600 connected to usenetserver VPN at all times via OpenVPN. The C2600 is connected to a Pace DSL modem/router. With the original firmware the best I could do is connect via L2TP.

I am now running luci-ipq806x-C2600-squashfs-factory.bin and the configuration has me completely baffled. Usenetserver has a DD-WRT OpenVPN configuration walkthrough, but the LEDE LuCI config menus don't look anything like the DD-WRT GUI.

When I try to configure/connect to the VPN I lose the C2600 completely and have to reset it, install the additional software again and try again.

I've tried both LAN-LAN and WAN-LAN configurations as well.

If anyone could help me out I'd be forever in your debt!

Somehow I've lost the 5GHz radio from the menus as well now.
The 2.4 is showing as "generic". I've tried a reset and no change.

Hi gregk!

You really need to provide more information, we're haven't gained psychic abilities at least yet. :slight_smile:

What image do you use? There's no snapshot called luci-ipq806x-C2600-squashfs-factory.bin

What have you changed from stock config?

How did you reset? SSH --> firstboot?

I personally prefer to use a plain OpenVPN config as opposed to use UCI but that's me. Others can probably chime in on how to configure it using UCI as long as you provide a sample config. Please don't use the OpenVPN frontend in LuCI, it's known to have quirks and other odd issues (AFAIK).