OpenVPN not working - GUI totally broken

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I have recently installed OpenWRT on my router TP Link Archer C7 version 4.

I have noticed that i am unable to set up any vpn using OpenVPN.

The Gui is totally vanished and the only way to set up client sesion is via terminal.

I managed to do it and start the service, however it is not working at all.

Any ideas why the gui is not working or the Openvpn?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Did you do a system reset and forget to reinstall luci-app-openvpn?

I had never worked. So luci-app-openvpn is installed.


Check if openvpn-* is installed. The package luci-app-openvpn does not install actual openvpn service, just the UI.

You've surely initiate most of your config via gui then have amended config files via the cli.

delete all openvpn related files and reinstall.

always backup your config files before amending anything via cli so in the event you encounter same issue again you can revert.

As simple as a single line position change via cli and the openvpn gui counterpart will vanish. Same issue here.

Web UI is too clumsy and it's not convenient for diagnostics, better use CLI:

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