OpenVPN - missing in .config (menuconfig)

can someone please tell me why I can't find anymore OpenVPN in Network/VPN section for menuconfig ? Is it maybe due to the;a=commit;h=28a9ac74ccd5af67c033f86665fd2aad87778efa and;a=commit;h=57a8028949681baac133d4526ec189d1992fc565 ?
Thank you.

I reverted both commits and indeed packages appeared back but I assume I'm missing here something.

OpenVPN is available from the package feed (as the commit messages also imply), you need to add the feeds as well.


That's what I understood but how to achieve this via menuconfig please ?

I'm using :

./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

But that don't include OpenVPN automatically...

Does make defconfig help at all, is there a message about having to force due to the package movement. You could also try cleaning out your tree.


You can search in the menuconfig GUI (well, ncurses based TUI) with /, OpenVPN should show up - but you may be missing some dependencies 'hiding' it from view. Alternatively you could also use make xconfig for a qt based (real-) GUI.


+1 for that. Or more exactly, the buildroot environment.

When packages are moved between the "main OpenWrt" repo and the feeds, sometimes the package database gets stuck.

You should clear the semi-hidden package data files from tmp/. There are several .package* files there. Do rm -rf tmp just before the feeds install step (after updating feeds).

And naturally you should first cleanup your revertions, so that you have the current main source and the current feeds sources.

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