Openvpn management interface not supported?

LuCI can add management field into openvpn config but openvpn build itself doesn't seem to support it

Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in openvpn-server0.conf:12: management (2.4.4)
Use --help for more information.

Using self-built lede 17.01.4,
openvpn-openssl 2.4.4-2
luci-app-openvpn git-18.023.74279-1472b81-1

Generated openvpn config:
cat etc/openvpn-server0.conf
ca /pki/ca.crt
cert /pki/issued/test-server.crt
cipher AES-128-CBC
comp-lzo adaptive
dev tun11
dh /pki/dh.pem
keepalive 10 60
key /pki/private/test-server.key
log /tmp/openvpn-server.log
management 31194 /etc/openvpn/mngmt-pwds
management-log-cache 100
mode server
verb 3

Tested same config on Ubuntu and it works.

How would you stop and restart the VPN server remotely to apply the configuration..unless you were connected to the LEDE using another method?

This is my test environment x86 box so I connected to LEDE using another method - not excluding keyboard and display.
If configuration is okay you can just run

/etc/init.d/openvpn restart

It will recreate openvpn configs and restart it. I'm considering this a dangerous way if vpn tunnel is the only management channel.