OpenVPN Kill switch all ok except DNS - help for noob

Hi all.
I'm just starting with OpenWRT
I managed to set up my old xiaomi 4a 100 to work as a simple VPN client with kill switch using

AP ip

My laptop is on dhcp so when i connect i get

All works almost ok, so when i turn off vpn, internet trafic stops. But when i flush DNS and try ping It still resolves domain name to IP.
When i set by hand my dns to than all is ok, because trafic cant go thru VPN, and dns cant resolve domain to IP.
So it looks like DNS is still going to WAN or internal router cashe.
but without luck.

How to redirect ALL trafic from LAN to VPN so when VPN is disconected all trafic stops.
Please help

Fixed brutforce, but works.

Solution i just found:
Disable dnsmasq by changing port number to 0 in network/dhcp and dns/ advenced settings/ dns server port

and setting DNS ip in network/interfaces/lan(edit)/DHCP Server/Advenced settings/DHC-options to 6,,
Dirty way but i don't care it will just serve as mini vpn client and all trafic need to go via VPN tunel.It don't need to be fast it need to be secure and cheap (mi4a-15Euro including shipping)

I need to start wireshark to check if that is all or still more goes somwhere around to WAN

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