OpenVPN has a default that is not suitable for me. It does the below.....only I do not need the and I only need the last entry for the endpoint but doing 'pull-filter ignore "redirect gateway"' makes it not do any of the how can I omit the default GW but still get the Endpoint route for the default gw on the firewall?

The additional routes are the result of the redirect-gateay option.
This adds 3 routes, the first two together span the whole internet and redirect into the tunnel:

dest  mask gw
dest  mask gw

These provide a "better" routing match than the default gateway (with a mask of zero) for all internet addresses.
The 3rd redirects the real VPN endpoint IP address to use the original gateway, and will be used for the encrypted VPN packets:

dest mask gw
pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway
route remote_host net_gateway

Or use the route-up script in case of race condition.

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This works for me. Thank you kindly!

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