OpenVPN IPv6 gateway


I have Openvpn server installed and use it to connect with my phone/laptop to my network (for homeautomation purpose).
I have done it with this guide : ""
Openvpn works quite well with ipv4 connection but problem is that my ISP change ip adress every 5 days.
I have static ipv6 adress but cant find anywhere how to setup my server / client for ipv6
Can someone please help me?

Kind regards

thx for fast reply, have done that but it's still not working,

Be sure to configure DDNS client service for both IPv4 and IPv6 on the server side.
Replace the argument for the option remote with your DDNS domain.
Specify multiple entries if domains for IPv4 and IPv6 are different.
In addition, add the option float to the client config.


Thx for reply.
Why do I need DDNS? I have static ipv6? I would only like to connect with ipv6

So I have played today with vpn and still can't configure it.

this is my client config

user nobody
group nogroup
dev tun
proto udp6
remote "my ipv6" 1194
remote-cert-tls server

and this server:

user nobody
group nogroup
dev tun
port 1194
proto udp6
server fdf1:e8a1:8d3f:8::2/64
topology subnet
keepalive 10 60
push "dhcp-option DNS fdf1:e8a1:8d3f:8::2/64.1"
push "dhcp-option DOMAIN lan"
push "redirect-gateway def1"
push "persist-tun"
push "persist-key"

Error that I get is " Transport Error: UDP connect error on "myipv6:1194". Network is unreacheble"

Your server config is totally wrong.
IPv6 must not replace IPv4, but run in dual-stack.
You can regenerate the proper config with the same keys like this:

cat << EOF >
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/server?codeblock=0" | sed -e "/^opkg\s/s/^/#/")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/server?codeblock=2")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/server?codeblock=3")
$(uclient-fetch -O - "${URL}/extras?codeblock=12")

thx man, tried but getting ssh error,
Going to do ddns option.