Openvpn instance associate with physical interface


Is there any way to associate an Openvpn instance on a specific physical interface? My setup is 4 wan connections (DHCP enabled from the ISP) and 4 vpn instances towards the same server.

My goal is to achieve a 4 individual vpn tunnels towards the same server and when an interface becomes down or the connection is down to disconnect the associated tunnel. At the moment all vpn instances are going from the the first default route in the routing table and when that interface is going down then all instances are going through the next available.

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You can try with PBR package.

Hi trendy,

Thanks for the info. I will try that package and let you know if I need any clarification.


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Hi Trendy,

I just installed the package and configured the device but it doesn't seems to do what I need.

It doesn't seems to be possible to initiate the vpn tunnel (instance) from a specific wan or I cannot understand how that package can do it.

Can you post here the configuration?

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