Openvpn file upload

can anyone document how to install and use open vpn file upload on openwrt 19.07.0-rc1

it's in master... guessing not ported to 19. ( which is understandable given the dynamic state of luci )

EDIT: See below... seems it is there... leave this re: 18.

/usr/lib/lua/luci/view/openvpn/cbi-select-input-add.htm:				<input class="cbi-button cbi-button-add" type="submit" onclick="vpn_upload(); return false;" value="<%:Upload%>" title="<%:Upload ovpn file%>" />
/usr/lib/lua/luci/controller/openvpn.lua:	entry( {"admin", "vpn", "openvpn", "upload"},   call("ovpn_upload"))

it looks like openvpn file upload is already in the stable version 19.07.0-rc1

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so you just want to know how to use it?

yes. and I want to know what files are installed to run openvpn file uploads

well i don't really use it... but the purpose ( rough understanding ) is to;

  1. upload a provider *.ovpn file...
  2. into /etc/openvpn
  3. ? name it the same as the uci vpn name ?

To avoid making any specific "config settings" via uci... ( other than a a) name/ b) config file location and c) enabled )

( A year ago when I tried it.... I may have had to move the signatures out of the .ovpn file.... not sure if this is/still a requirement )