OpenVPN DNS leak

I am using OpenVPN as a client (reputable paid VPN provider) on my router running OpenWRT 23.05.3. I used the VPN provider's .ovpn file to configure OpenVPN.

The intention is to only use the VPN when required (still need to figure out the best way of doing that), but for my initial tests I am using a firewall "kill switch" to ensure that all traffic is flowing via the VPN.

All working as intended, with one flaw:
When testing using, it shows that my local DNS is being leaked.

When using the VPN provider's desktop app or browser extension (kill switch removed & VPN stopped on the router) with the same VPN credentials and VPN server, there is no DNS leak.

Does this point to something in my OpenVPN or firewall config?
Or is this something in OpenWRT's OpenVPN implementation?

Any suggestions for finding the DNS leak?

@frollic I have updated the link you were referring to

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Thanks for the link and all the work done @egc ! :+1:
Somehow my search did not pick any of that up.

This community always has an answer. :slight_smile:

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