OpenVPN configuration issue with after switching to pi hole DNS

Im having trouble getting my openVPN server working after i switched to a pi-hole docker for DNS.

My main network is
my DNS server is
my openVPN server runs on

Here is my openVPN config:
config openvpn 'vpnserver'
option proto 'udp'
option port '1194'
option dev_type 'tun'
option dev 'ovpns0'
option server ''
option route ''
option ca '/etc/openvpn/ca.crt'
option cert '/etc/openvpn/my-server.crt'
option key '/etc/openvpn/my-server.key'
option dh '/etc/openvpn/dh2048.pem'
option tls_auth '/etc/openvpn/tls-auth.key 0'
option tun_mtu '1500'
option keepalive '10 120'
option tls_server '1'
option topology 'subnet'
option log '/tmp/openvpn.log'
option client_to_client '1'
option persist_key '1'
option persist_tun '1'
list push 'route'
list push 'dhcp-option DNS'
option enabled '1'

When i connect to the VPN from my laptop, i can see the router (, the vpn server ( But i cannot see anything else on the 10.10.124.x subnet.

Here is the relevant route on the client machine: 291

Does anyone have any idea whats going on here?


Make sure the main router:

  • Allows LAN to LAN forwarding.
  • Has a route to the network via

Also, this one is wrong and redundant: