Openvpn config for accessing lan and internet?

i just tried that, its still exactly same.
i will try what psherman sugested in previous post.

@gmytis -

It should go without saying, but my description should be used as a general template but must be adapted for your use...

  1. be sure you adapt the network scopes appropriately (if necessary) since the specific networks I used may be different than the ones you are using now or that you might want to use.
  2. If you set your OpenVPN router's WAN port to be DHCP, you need to make sure you've set a static reservation from the main router so that its IP address is always known and consistent. If you set the WAN IP on the OpenVPN router manually, be sure to also setup the DNS and gateway addresses.
  3. make sure you have port-forwarded the port(s) you'll be using for OpenVPN from your main router through to the IP of your OpenVPN router.
  4. and verify that you have a firewall traffic rule on the OpenVPN router that accepts inbound connections (for the port(s) from #3) on its WAN.

Finally done it!
Thanks psherman for ideas.
everything is working now.
Did one modification. My requirement is, that when im connected from outside through vpn,
i would be able to see to all devices.
bridged wifi interfaces on vpn router with wan, now whoever connects through vpn router wifi will be on same ip range as main lan. and im able to see them.

Glad it worked! I didn't realize you were also using this device as an AP, but it sounds like you got that working, too.

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