Openvpn client on Openwrt

Hello everyone
I'm facing a problem when trying to set up OpenVPN Client on my Archer C7 running OpenWrt latest version
the Client will connect with no problem but when creating a VPN interface I can't find tun0 and even if i inserted tun0 manually i can't see any bandwidth going through and no change in my Public IP
showing: Error: Network device is not present

im very new to that please if someone can help will be very appreciated


This means your VPN client has failed to establish the connection.
Check the system log for details.

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Hi vgaetera
thanks for your reply, actually i had checked that and i can see the connection to the VPN provider already initiated and getting valid IP

Check the VPN server log.

Who is the VPN provider?

Perhaps, reset your C7 and follow the 'Alternative guide for OpenVPN client using LuCI' tutorial/guide quoted at the bottom of the wiki page?

btw, C7 is limited to about 17 mbps openvpn speeds over ethernet (slower over wifi).